Accessing hosted website within the home network

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I was having troubles accessing my own hosted website from within my home networks as mentioned in the previous post.

2 things can be done:
1st: Use some free proxy server to access your website (not a very good solution)
2nd: Add an entry in /etc/hosts file of the machine that you are using to access the website:
Following is an example from machine I am using to connect to my website, where is the address of the machine that is hosting the website.

Hosting your website at home

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This is how I’ve set it up:

I have a FreeBSD server at home running lighttpd webserver which hosts this website. I am using’s free service (a big thanks to them) to take care of my ever (not!) changing non-static ip address from my internet service provider. Obviously, http port 80 is forwarded on my router to make my site available to the web. I had to add CNAME record of my domain’s ( DNS to make it point to my dyndns name – which in turn is pointing to my home ip and that is how one can reach my website.

Only thing which sucks is that I need to use proxy servers to access my website when I am inside my home network. Else it points me to my router login. That is probably because how port-forwarding works. It does not work well within the network.

I am using wordpress (thanks again!) as my blogging engine.